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Winners: Eric, Marc, Guy et Hubert

Lier GP winner Eric Loin

Eirc Loin with AKANE DE L'OISELIERE wins the Europa Cup Grand Prix. The German riders Franz-Josef Heinzer and Udo Klötzel are also on the podest. Martine BEUKEN, Nicole KRAMER and Christian CUVELIER are on the podest of the Challenge Cup.

The French team I wins the Nations Cup in front of Belgium and France II. The Friendship Cup winner is the Swiss team. Germany II is second, Belgium third.

And some nice photos...

Vendredi Samedi Dimanche
01. Small Tour 04. Large Tour 09. Small Tour
02. Medium Tour 05. Small Tour 11. Europa Cup Grand Prix
03. Large Tour 06. Medium Tour 10. Challenge Cup
  08. Friendship Cup 12. Medium Tour
  07. Ambassador Nations Cup 13. Large Tour


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Nations Cup winners - France

French riders win GP and Nations Cup in Hardelot

Sabine LOQUET et Ice Cube vainqueur du Grand Prix Europe Cup à Hardelot.

L'équipe de France

Vainqueur Coupe des Nations

Sophie Margolle,  Odile PETIT,  Sabine Locquet et Eric LOIN

Vendredi Samedi Dimanche
01. Petit Tour 04. Grand Tour 09. Petit Tour
02. MediumTour 05. Petit Tour 12. Medium Tour
03. Grand Tour 06. Medium Tour 13. Grand Tour    
  07. Friendship Cup 10. Challenge Cup
  08. Nations Cup 11. Europa Cup Grand Prix


et tout les photos


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Nations Cup winners - Switzerland

Swiss team wins nations cup in Ornago

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