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Germany wins Nations Cup in Le Mans

Das deutsche Team gewinnt zum dritten Mal den Nationenpreis zur Saisoneröffung in Le Mans

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La France est deuxième, UK takes the third place.

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Velia Angelini - Winner of the Grand Prix

Barcelona - 20 Jahre AJA

AJA celebrates 20 years

Results Thursday  Small  Medium  Small  Large   Impressions

Firday: Small  Large  Challenge Cup  Nations Cup

Saturday: Small  Large  Friendship Cup  Grand Prix

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Deutschland wins both Nations Cup in Darmstadt

Udo Klötzel erhält das goldene Reiterabzeichen und Annemarie Hächler SUI gewinnt den Grand Prix

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Grit Schirmann, Renate Steiger, Dietrich Brehm und Stefan Schewe gewinnen den Nations Cup vor dem Schweizer Team mit Annemarie Hächler, Carola Würgler-Hauri, Pascal Rochat und Andy Villiger im Stechen.

The Friendship Cup is won by the team of Helmut Schwander, Renate Steiger, Heike Willenberger and Gert Söhnle. The Challenge Cup wins Heike Willenberger in front of Heinz-Ottmar Domeier und Henning Schaake all from Germany.

The Grand Prix winner is Annemarie Hächler with Dollar Sue. Second is Dirk Vlerick with a delay of 1/100 second = 5.8cm ;-), 3rd is Madeleine Gervais, 4th Carola Würgler-Hauri; all with two clear rounds.

Als Verdienst für seine eindrucksvollen reiterlichen Leistungen erhält Udo Klötzel von der Deutschen FN das GOLDENE REITERABZEICHEN überreicht. Herzliche Gratulation von allen AJA Members.

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French Team and Manfred Villmann

Super Summer Show Jumping in the Normandy in France.

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In the Nations Cup the French team wins, Suisse 1 and Suisse 2 are second and third. In the very challenging Grand Prix Manfred Villmann and his Albasso are the only couple with two clear rounds. Bravo Manfred.

The Friendship Cup is clearly dominated by the Swiss team, followed by the British team and Team Europe. Nathalie Andrieu wins the Challenge Cup. Arend Schaller is second and Claudia Schnattinger takes the third place.

Nous nous sentons tous avec les familles des victimes de Nice.

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Ernst Frieder Homberger wins the Europa Cup Final

Great Sports at Nörten Hardenberg end of June. Ernst-Frieder Homberger wins with his Stallion Cliff the Europa Cup Final before Annemarie Hächler with Dollar Sue and Dietrich Brehm with Calibro.

Dirk Vlerick, Susanna Violanti and Andy Villiger as well qualified for the jump off in this final take the places 4 to 6.

12 Teams participated in the Nations Cup... Fotos

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Les 2 Coupes des Nations remportées par les Français au CSI-V Lier en Belgique

L’Ambassador Cup/Coupe des Nations, avec le seul score à 0, l’équipe de France, sélectionnée par Xavier Delalande, avec Hubert Hannedouche et Dipsy, Christophe Legué et Thamise du Rozel, Edmond Milot et Ramsès des Combes, Guy Rohmer et Dark Dep, remportent haut la main cette belle épreuve du samedi.

Second is the Belgium team with Dirk Vlerick, Ludo Dekkers, Daniel de Belie and Jean-Jaques Lorquet. The third of total five participating teams is Germany. Ernst-Frieder Homberger, Hermann Vogelsang, Alexandra Herpichbihm and Stefan Schewe total up 4 points as the Belgium Team.

Den Grossen Preis am Sonntag gewinnt Stefan Schewe vor Edmond Milot und Linda Birke; alle drei mit zwei Nullrunden. Die Schweizer Annemarie Hächler und Urs Weber belegen Platz 4 und 5 mit 1 und 2 Punkten aus den zwei Umgängen.


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France 2 wins the Nations Cup in Fontainebleau

11 Teams participated in the Nations Cup that took place on the formidable Grand Parquet. 6 Teams were qualified for the second round. Before the last rider of France 2, Guy Romer, three teams total up 4 points. Guy must have a clearround to make his team win. And Guy makes his round "sans faute". We hear the Marseillaise.

Second is the team of Germany and third is the Belgium team.

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Deutsche AJA Reiter dominieren in Le Mans

Die AJA Tour eröffnet die Saision in Le Mans. Deutschland gewinnt den Nationenpreis. Boris Miska gewinnt vier Prüfungen. Udo Klötzel siegt im Grand Prix.

The AJA Tour opens the season at Le Mans. Germany wins the Nations Cup. Boris Miska wins four competitions. Udo Klötzel wins the Grand Prix.

Le Tour AJA ouvre le saison à Le Mans. L'Allemagne remporte la Coupe des Nations. Boris Miska remporte quatre épreuves. Udo Klötzel gagne le Grand Prix.

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French riders win all four finals

Serge VARSANO, Philippe BALSAN, Anne Marie PINGARD and Françoise LAPORTE win the Nations Team Cup in Barcelona. The Italian team is second, the Swiss team is third. Eight teams in total.

Olivier FRICK, Nathalie ANDRIEU, Monique DELMAS and Diane ROCHE (France I) win the small tour Nations Team Competition. The team France III is second, Germany II is third. Nine teams in total.

Anne-Marie Pinquard FRA wins the Europa Cup Final 2015 in front of Lorenzo Gianneschi ITA and August Fuchs SUI.

Olivier Frick FRA wins the Challenge Cup Final 2015, Diane Roche FRA is second, Gerda Fürling SUI third.

Congratulations to the very sucessful riders from France and to their chef d'équipe Xavier Delalande.

Also many thanks to Hans-Peter Vogelsanger and his team for the perfect organization of this wonderful event.




Small Tour: A Large Tour: 2 Phases Small Tour: Jump Off Small Tour: Joker
Large Tour: A   Small Tour: 2 Phases Large Tour: Jump Off    Large Tour: Joker
  Large Tour: AJA Nations Team   Small Tour: GP Final Challenge Cup 2015
  Small Tour: AJA Challenge Cup Large Tour: GP Final Europa Cup 2015

Fotos   (feel free to send more fotos)

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Belgians win Nations Cup in Arezzo (ITA)

The AJA Tour could compete for the first time in the Italian Mekka of Showjumping - Arezzo. Thanks to all Italian organizers and supporters of this nice and big event. 2016 the AJA tour comes back to Italy - European Championship of Veteran Riders in Arezzo.

Big success for the Belgium Team: Ludo, Daniel, Luc and Dirk total 0 points in both rounds. They win before Italy 1 and Germany. The AJA Grand Prix Europa Cup 2015 wins Francoise Laporte with Oceane du Vallier from France. 2nd and 3rd again for Italy and Germany: Gianni Racca and Udo Kloetzel.

The German team with Heike, Henning, Renate and Manfred win the Friendship Cup, the "small tour Nations Cup". Switzerland is 2nd, Belgium 3rd. Yasmin Wüest (SUI) with Caro Mio win the small tour Grand Prix, Michel Delaunay (FRA) is 2nd, Verena Mahlknecht (ITA) is 3rd.

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August Fuchs wins the Grand Prix in Turbenthal SUI

The very good response from the riders from all over Europe have motivated us to take the second edition of this tournament in attack.

The Grand Prix winner is August Fuchs with Selona des cinq chenes. In a spectacular 2nd round as the last starter he did beat Boris Miska D, Annemarie Hächler CH, Ernst-Frieder Homberger D, Dirk Vlerick B and Pascal Rochat CH, all of them clear in the first round.

The Nations Cup: Swiss II, Germany I, Swiss I

The Friendship Cup: Swiss II, France, Germany

Small GP Challenge Cup: Diana Roche, Hans Bürgisser, Michel Algan

Have fun to see the impressions.

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Madelaine Gervais - Winner Top 10 Final 2015

In der wunderschönen Normadie gewinnt die Irin Madeleine Gervais den Top 10 Final 2015 vor Jean-Jaques Lorques und Guy Romer. Congratulations. The recipe for this victory was the big birthday party with all AJA riders the day before. Cindy was the organizer for this surprice for Madeleine.

Den Nationenpreis gewinnt Deutschland vor der Schweiz und Italien, den Friendship Cup die Schweiz vor France I et France II. Der Grand Prix wird von Jean-Jaques Lorques gewonnen. Auf dem Podest wiederum Madeleine und Guy.

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Susanna Violanti con Bellavita

Susanna Violanti from Italy wins the Grand Prix in Nörten Hardenberg

Deutschland I und Deutschland II mit Doppelsieg im Nationenpreis vor Polen. Im Friendship Cup gewinnen die beiden Schweizer Equipen vor Frankreich.

Susanna Violanti aus Italien gewinnt den Grossen Preis mit Bellavita vor Boris Miska und Ludo Dekkers. Herzliche Gratulation!

Susanna Violanti dall 'Italia vince il Gran Premio con Bellavita prima di Boris Miska e Ludo Dekkers. Complimenti!

Jorge Campins aus Spanien gewinnt den Challenge Cup vor den Schweizerinnen Astrid Ryf und Gerda Fürling.

Resultate - Résultats - Results

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The winning British Team - women power

Belgians win GP and Nations Cup, British and Swiss Girls Friendship Cup and Small GP

Jean-Jaques Lorques wins the Grand Prix, Marco Porciani and Annemarie Hächler are second and third. The Belgian Team wins the Nations Cup in the jump off against Switzerland.

Woman Power in the small tour: The British Team with Jennifer, Linda, Marjorie and Anne beat France I and France II in the jump off. Gerda Fürling wins the small Grand Prix for Switzerland.

Many thanks to Sophie and Mike that we could be guests at the Azelhof. We like to come again next year.

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Franþoise Laporte gagne le GP avant Udo Klötzel and Marco Porciani

Les Français dominent. L'Allemagne a remporté la Coupe des Nations

Die Franzosen gewinnen neun von elf Prüfungen. Den Nationenpreis gewinnt Deutschland und den kleinen Grand Prix die Schweizerin Yasmin Wüest.

Les Français gangnent neuf des onze épreuves. L'Allemagne remporte la Coupe des Nations et le petit Grand Prix la Suisse Yasmin Wüest.

The French win nine out of eleven competitions. Germany wins the Nations Cup and the Swiss Yasmin Wüest the small Grand Prix.

C'était formidable à Fontainebleau! Photos, Résultats ... make a comment ;-)

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Renate Steiger wins the Grand Prix à Le Mans

The Boulerie Jump 's team was happy to welcome you for the indoor Ambassador CSI in Le Mans from 6th to 8th March.

The show in Le Mans has been appreciated by the riders: the weather was beautiful, the warm welcome of Philippe Rossi was also very nice. The conditions of the competition were good: the indoor arena is really of a very high quality, the course designer was ok, and we had the chance to have the fences that Philippe has bought from “Normandie 2014” World Championship!

Results, pictures and comments...

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Hans Peter Vogelsanger in the Swiss Horse News

Liebe AJA-Freunde,

Irgend jemand von euch hat die PferdeWoche informiert über unser AJA-Turnier in Barcelona, denn sonst wäre ich nicht auf der hintersten Seite erschienen mit einem 4 Hufeisen-Applaus!!! Ich bedanke mich dafür und kann damit annehmen, dass sich für alle die Reise nach Spanien gelohnt hat.

Tatsächlich sind es schon viele Jahre, dass ich dieses Turnier organisiere und ich kann euch versprechen, dass ich es noch weiterhin durchführen werde, d.h. so lange ich den grosszügigen Real Club de Polo auf meiner Seite habe und meine Rechte Hand und grosse Stütze Elke Faltermeier mithilft!

Seid alle herzlich gegrüsst! Euer Hans Peter Vogelsanger

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Germany wins the Nations Cup in Barcelona

At the 20th AJA Tournament in Barcelona the German team wins the Nations Cup. Manfred Villmann, Renate Steiger, Bernd Dorenkamp and Ernst Theissen total up zero points after two rounds. France wins both team annual rankings, the AJA Ambassador Cup 2014 and the AJA Friendship Cup 2014. Click below to see the results of the single competitions.

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Belgium, Germany and Great Britain win the FEI Medals

The AJA FEI European Championships in Hoogboom BEL was a full success for the Belgium organizers and the active riders.
Germany is 2nd, Great Britain 3rd in the Team Competition. Jean-jacques Lorquet BEL wins Gold in the Single Competion, Silver goes to Ian Wynne GBR and the Bronze medal wins Boris Miksa.

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AJA-Europa- und Challenge-Cup Finals Turbenthal

Eric Loin (F) gewinnt Europa Cup Final, Heike Zinser (D) reitet fünfmal null und gewinnt den Challenge Cup Final, Deutschland siegt im Nationenpreis, die Schweiz im Friendship Cup.

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Schweizer Equipen dominieren in Pforzheim

Die Schweizer gewinnen sowohl den grossen wie den kleinen Nationenpreis. Guy Rohmer wins the Grand Prix on Sunday. The Swiss win both the large as the small Nations Cup. There a some nice fotos on page "Impressions"

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Aach 22.-25.05.2014 Deutsche Meisterschaft

Ein wunderschönes Turnier mit tollem Ambiente!

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Dinard 08.-11.05.2014

Arnd Schaller und Andrea Titel sammeln Punkte im Challenge Cup.

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