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Valkenswaard FC to team Europe - first time in AJA history

by Andy Villiger (comments: 0)

The British team wins the Ambassador Nations Cup in the Tops International Arena in Valkenswaard. Bravo Anne, Catherine, Keith and James. The teams of France and Belgium are second and third.

For the first time in AJA history "a team Europe" wins the Friendship Cup. Sylvie and Yvette from Holland, Carol from Ireland and Swiss Andy ;-)
They beat Germany in the jump off. France gets third.

On the podest of the Europa Cup are Jean-Jacques Lorquet, Cathrine Fowdrey and Stefan Schewe.

Winner of the Challenge Cup ist Hans-Peter Rub, second is Yvette Bogaert, third Sylvie Ruissen.

All winning horses got the high-quality blanket "GLOBAL FUTURE CHAMPION" ;-)

Results with videos (click on the play button aside the points)

day 1   day 2   day3
110   110   110
115   115   115
120   120   120
    Friendship Cup   Challenge Cup
    Ambassador Nations Cup   Europa Cup

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