AJA - a trademark

The Association of Jumping Riding Ambassadors (AJA) is more than an association of competitive amateur show jumpers from Europe and beyond.

The AJA is today a brand that stands for certain values. First is:the enthusiasm for the horse. It is what unites the AJA members.

  • AJA stands for horsemenship, equestrianism and fairness to the horse.
  • AJA stands for competitive sports in general and the passion for show jumping in particular
  • AJA stands for a jumping sport without commercial aspects
  • AJA stands for healthy ambition without envy
  • AJA stands for the discovery of new, renowned tournament sites and unknown regions
  • AJA stands for international friendships among horse enthusiasts
  • AJA stands for the fascination of social gathering

Ambassadors are mature personalities who have earned a good reputation in their profession through success. They put this name and their personality at the service of honorable interests. The Jumping Riding Ambassadors are primarily committed to the horse as a noble being and as a partner for their beloved sport.