The Ambassadors wish you a warm welcome

Both male and female amateur jumping-riders from Europe and beyond have gathered together to found AJA, the International Association of Jumping Riding Ambassadors. Some 15 years after its founding, the Association now boasts over 300 active members from 13 countries. The Ambassadors consider themselves spokespeople for horses, the sport of jumping and the regions where their tournaments take place.

AJA’s most important work consists of organizing the Ambassador Tour, which annually encompasses about 12 tournaments and makes its way through 8 to 10 European countries in renowned places like those hosted in Addington (UK), Barcelona (E) La Baule (F), Vimeiro (P) and Fontainebleau (F).

At the Ambassador Class tournaments, riders are not only competing for victory and placings, but also for points towards the classification of annual evaluations like the Challenge Cup(height approx. 1,10m),European Cup (height approx. 1,20),the Ambassador Cup of Nations and to qualify for various finals. The official European Championships take place every two years. All tournaments, competitions and scoring procedures are carried out according to FEI official policy.

Female riders who are 45 and older and male riders 49 and older can become members of AJA. They must possess a valid NF License and,in the current year they are not allowed to ride in any other competitions whose initial course is higher than 1.35 m (FEI Article V2).

The defining essence of the AJA is that monetary prizes are not awarded. The Ambassadors ride for their passion, for friendship and honour.